History Made at Delhi World Congress!

Ice Breaking Session (Pre Congress Warm Up), Sunday, 4th Sep 05
The bright sunny morning of 4th September welcomed the children, mainly former child slaves and child activists from 30 countries. It was a very special morning as children were gearing up to spread the message against child labour and in favour of education for all. Read More>>
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Inaugural Session, Sunday, 4th Sep 05 
It was an extraordinary inaugural for an extraordinary event. The Second Children’s World Congress, a four-day event was chaired by a 12-year-old former bonded child labourer, Amarlal. Amarlal and some 200-child participants from 30 countries have taken the spotlight from the adults. These child leaders and child activists have travelled from across the world to demand action- action to eliminate child labour and ensure education for all. Read More>>
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We, together pledge to enlighten the globe by lighting the lamp of Freedom, Education and Peace, Sunday, 4th Sep 05 (Cultural Evening) 
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Day 1: Second Children’s World Congress, Monday, 5th Sep 05 
Introduction and Recap from the Florence Congress: The Congress officially began with child delegates from the Florence Congress in May 2004, introducing and reflecting on the Florence Congress, its acheivements and setting the tone for the Delhi Congress. These child delegates from the Florence Congress, representing all corners of the globe read out the parts of the Florence Declaration with focus on peace, education and elimination of child labour. These children shared their own interpretations of the declaration, in their own languages. 
Country Presentation on Child Labour, Child Trafficking and Education Situation: Child representatives from each country presented their country scenario with respect to child labour, child trafficking and education. Each of these child speakers brought to light the burning issues in their countries. 
Successful Stories and Best Practices: Lilibeth, a former domestic labourers from Philippines, chairing this session, spoke about her life as a domestic slave, how she was rescued and her life today as a activist volunteer with a child rights organisation. 
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Day 2: Second Children’s World Congress, Tuesday, 6th Sep 05 
Group Discussion By Children: The good weather continued and kept the spirits high. The child delegates were inching towards their goal of chalking out a concrete plan-of –action for a child labour free world. The day began with the children opting for specific themes on child labour and education.
Presentation of Group Discussion: After prolonged and exhaustive discussions the children presented the outcomes of their discussions to all present.Read More>> 
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Day 3: Second Children’s World Congress, Wednesday, 7th Sep 05 
Accountability Session: The children recognised the need of the hour, which was to remind governments and policy makers of their commitments and promises to eliminate child labour, and to review and reinforce these commitments. This was the Session they had been waiting for and they came up with hard-hitting and probing questions. The panel had a wide representation. Mr. Guy Thijs, Director ILO-IPEC; Mr. Harry Sethi, Director, Socio-Economic Development Corporation, FICCI; Dr. Bharti Sharma, Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee, Government of India and Ms Lindy van Vliet from Novib, Netherlands presented their respective perspectives and tried to appropriately answer the questions of children. Parvati Choudhary, a child delegate and a former child domestic labour from Nepal, chaired this Session. 
Presentation of the Children's Declaration:The Children's Declaration drafted by the assembled child leaders and child activists after 3 days of deliberation, is a charter of demands and a roadmap to eliminate child labour and provide free quality education for all in a peaceful and secure environment. Read More>> 
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Delhi March: Let all Roads Lead to School... 
Global March Against Child Labour and Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA), led a march of 50 thousand strong participants with more than 200 child delegates from 30 countries, former bonded and child labourers, on the occasion of the International Literacy Day and the culmination of the 2nd Children’s World Congress on Child Labour and Education, to demand an end to child labour and for free quality education for all. 
We want quality education Now; No more tools in tiny hands, We want books, we want toys; Education for Liberation, Liberation for education; chants filled the air from Rajghat to Ramlila Maidan. BBA goodwill ambassador and Ghazal Maestro Pankaj Udhas flagged off the march.