Satyarthi Addresses World Education Ministers at UNESCO General Assembly

07/10/2005: Kailash Satyarthi, Chair, Bachpan Bachao Andolan and President, Global Campaign for Education was the only civil society representative keynote speaker to address the UNESCO General Conference Ministerial Round Table on Education for All at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.. 
More than 50 education ministers and high-ranking officials responsible for education meet during UNESCO's General Conference in Paris (7-8 October 2005) to explore practical ways to address Education for All (EFA) challenges by building on positive examples from different parts of the world.
Satyarthi in his keynote address emphasised on genuine and transparent participation of the civil society in planning, implementation and monitoring of the EFA goals. Further, highlighting the changing role of NGOs today, he said that NGOs have moved from the service delivery mode to critical policy dialogue and have also taken up the garb of social watchdogs. 
He also demanded the active participation of children and youth in the education campaigns. 
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