A WALK IN INTERVIEW is being organised on Thursday 01st Feb, 2018 at 9 A.M.for all the interested candidates (as referred) who wish to join the organisation.
From 9-10.30 A.M all candidates will be required to do some write up. From 10.30 onwards the interview starts.
I would request all those associates who had shared the CVs of their friends for the various vacancies, may request them to come for walk in interview on Thursday. Also ask them to read all information about BBA and KSCF and come with a note on criticising WHAT WE CAN DO BETTER (3 points)
Sharing with you all below again the scope of areas to work-

  1. State Coordinator - Child Protection(CP) and State Coordinator - Institutional Support(IS) in the following States- (Bihar(CP-SLSA), Gujarat(CP-SLSA), Rajasthan(IS-SCPCR), Chattisgarh (CP-SLSA), Telangana-CP-SLSA), Goa (CP & IS), Madhya Pradesh (IS & CP).
  2. Human Resource
  3. Research-Primary & Secondary
  4. Communication-Media, Social Media, PR
  5. Project Management-Writing Proposals/Grants, MIS
  6. Networking & Sensitization
  7. Documentation
  8. Policy Advocacy
  9. Technology
  10. Training & Capacity Building
  11. Website-DEveloper & Content Writer
  12. Campaigns

Characteristics in a Candidate required-

  • Willingness to learn
  • Commitment
  • Ability to work hard
  • Work under pressure
  • Team Player

The organisation works on the following Core Values-


Note: Outstayed candidates can book the cheapest Air Tickets or best available train tickets which will be reimbursed by the organisation.