Our most recent programme, Access to Justice was started in 2017 to ensure that the institutes are capable, accountable and convergent to protect the victims of child abuse and exploitation. It works to establish a smooth coordination between different bodies of child protection like State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, State Legal Services Authority and National Legal Services Authority.

Child Protection

We are constantly working to establish a focussed system in the country that is not only child friendly, but also provides accountability and sustainability of the agencies. Ensuring timely justice to the victims is a non-negotiable priority for us. We make this happen by adopting a multi-pronged and collaborative approachthat percolates till the district level. Partnerships with NALSA, bringing together SCPCR and SLSA on a common platform to discuss child issues in the states are some examples. Strong engagement with SCPCR helps to ascertain status of registered cases in all states. We have also forged a close network of NGOs across the country to identify state specific issues and effective tracking of child related cases

Institutional Building

We work to strengthen abilities, skills and knowledge of multiple child protection institutions, and establish synergy amongst them. Capacity building of state government officials is one such initiative, through trainings workshops for various stakeholders including the Police, Lawyers, Child Welfare Committees, Juvenile Justice Board, NGOs, activists and other implementing agencies. We have also developed robust Standard Operating Procedures relating to issues of child protection.