Over one lakh children go missing from various parts of the country every year and most of them are forced to work as bonded labour in industries, homes and farms. Victims Assistance works for the identification, liberation and rehabilitation of all such victims.


Operations are conducted by developing local reporting mechanisms and creating vigilant squads in suspected areas for identification of the victims. Support and partnership with local administration and government authorities is an important aspect of this intervention to avoid any violation of law. Since 1980s, more than 87,000 children have been liberated from bonded labour and servitude. Over 400 rescued children are given immediate care and protection every year. Follow-ups are done to ensure their access to education, schemes and thereby assuring zero risk of re-trafficking.

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Our Rescues


We believe that rehabilitation of victims is a long process which not only includes their reintegration into the society but also their psychological recovery from the trauma they have gone through by providing them with a sense of liberty in a safe space. BBA launched a short-term home called Mukti-Ashram in 1991 to provide a safe and immediate response transitory environment to rescued boys. They are provided with medical help, food, clothing, recreational facilities, sports, theatre, and counselling during their stay until all legal formalities and their repatriation is completed.

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