What do we want when a child goes missing or is abused or pushed into forced labour? We want the whole world to help and find the child and reunite with parents. We want justice for the child and prosecution under the law against the trafficker/abuser /kidnapper. We want every child to feel safe, secure and loved.
To start immediate intervention and make the whole world come together to look for the child Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) operates a 24-hour Complaints Cell where complaints related to missing children, child labour, child trafficking and child abuse of forms can be lodged. Since 1980, parents and responsible citizens have been giving tips to the team so that children could be rescued from abusive environments.

Complaint Cell 1800-102-7222 was launched in 2017 to make this process more systematic and expand our services across India. Since its inception, the team has received 922 complaints from across the country.

Complaints that can be reported:

Who can lodge complaints: - Anyone can complaint, whoever sees a child in distress.

  • Victims
  • Parents/legal guardian
  • NGOs
  • Relatives
  • A concerned witness
  • Government agencies

How Can You Complaint

  • Call 1800-102-7222: Anyone can call at our helpline 24×7, reporting any form of abuse against children
  • Email us: complaints@bba.org.in

A Timely Intervention

When 14-year-old Jyoti (name changed), of Barbara village under Babubarhi police station in Madhubani district, Bihar, went missing, her parents approached BBA through the Complaints Cell.  They suspected the coaching centre she went to for lesson and a teacher who taught there was thought to be linked to her disappearance. The local police were also reluctant in filing a case. The Complaint Cell team took charge of the matter and made sure an FIR under Section 366A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) was registered. The team circulated information to Government Railway Police  (GRP) and neighbouring railways station. Because the team understood that this a crucial time and we would be able to track Jyoti only when the entire network is actively searching for them.  The intervention worked and Jyoti was found within 48 hours with the boy who was then arrested for luring her .

We provide end-to-end intervention in all complaints

The BBA team makes sure that every child which comes in contact with the organization is provided with all necessary support to ensure her or his future is healthy and secure.

What you can do

  1. Be vigilant citizen if you see child rights violation contact us
  2. All the information about the complainant would be kept anonymous
  3. Donate and Support our initiative so that we can extend our interventions

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