Case Studies


When one looks at the sweet innocence that envelops the face of Malvati, one can never imagine all the horrors this 13 years old has gone through. Born in a tribal community in Uttar Dinajpur, a district in West Bengal, she became a victim of human trafficking at an early stage of her life...

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In June 2013, an old woman, Rama , visited BBA’s office seeking help to find her granddaughter, Kajolata. 14 year old , Kajolata had come with her grandmother to explore Delhi from Assam. Belonging to a poor poor family they became easy target for the trafficers as they desperately wanted a new start in order to improve their life...

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When parents of 13 years old Amar were told by an unknown man that their son could earn up to 5000 rupees a month, they were ecstatic. Little did they know that they were pushing their own child to the worst form of exploitation. ...

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