BBA’s Intervention Helps Nab Trafficker From Train In Chapra, 12-Yr-Old Rescued


A 12-year-old Guwahati boy was rescued from the clutches of a trafficker from Awadh-Assam Express at Chapra in Bihar on June 30 night. The child was rescued following prompt intervention by Bachpan Bachao Andolan and close coordination with Railway Protection Force (RPF).

According to the child’s father, his brother-in-law’s neighbour who resides in Rajasthan had come to meet them. He took the child out on the pretext of a day out. However, when the child didn’t return home until late at night, his parents got worried. The person who had taken him out was also switched off.

They rushed to the local police station but the cops reportedly told them to wait for four to five hours as they felt there could be a possibility of them coming back. A local NGO got whiff of this and reached out to BBA. The BBA state coordinator immediately apprised Government Railway Police Force (GRPF) and accordingly an FIR was registered. BBA teams at Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan were kept on alert.

BBA’s state team reached Kamakhya Railway Station and checked the CCTV footage for leads. A close scan revealed that both of them had boarded the Awadh-Assam Express. GRPF mobilised its team along the train route and the trafficker was nabbed from the train at Chapra and the child was rescued.

The BBA team is taking the lead to reunite the child with his family.

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