Mob Attacks Our Team During Rescue Operation, Many Staff Injured


Through an on-ground survey, our team identified children working in various industries in the Narela Industrial Area, North-West parts of Delhi and filed a complaint with the Sub Divisional Magistrate. Acting on the complaint on 26 April 2023, a team consisting of officials from the Sub Divisional Magistrate’s office, Civil defence, Police and BBA raided the location and rescued 58 children (Boys: 40 and Girls: 18) from various factories. These children were safely taken to our shelter home – Mukti Ashram. While the members of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), medical staff and labour department were conducting the post-rescue procedures at the Ashram, factory owners and parents of the rescued children started protesting and creating chaos outside Mukti Ashram demanding the release of children. Senior members of the BBA team had to take control and tactfully handle the crowd and did not allow the release of children.

Undeterred by the events of the previous day, our team along with Law Enforcement Agencies conducted another raid in North West Delhi on 27th April. During the raid, the team managed to rescue 60 children but was soon attacked by a violent mob. The mob, including factory owners and community members pelted stones, vandalized the vehicles and attacked the rescue team. During the attack, rescued child labourers were snatched back by the mob, and many members of the team were brutally beaten and misbehaved with, including women and 2 vehicles suffered damages.

Despite the chaos and the attack, the determined team managed to protect at least one child. After safely escaping the mob, the team reached the SDM office and registered a complaint. The team was taken back to the location and 4-5 attackers were identified and arrested on the spot. Further investigation is in progress.

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