On Trafficking Day Eve, 20 Children Rescued From Garment Units In Delhi


On the eve of World Day Against Trafficking In Persons, a taste of freedom for 20-odd children whose dreams had turned into nightmares all this while.

Denied basic rights and robbed of their childhood, these children – mostly trafficked from other states – were forced to work in dingy garment units in Delhi’s Seelampur area for a paltry sum of Rs 100 per week.

Acting on key inputs provided by Bachpan Bachao Andolan, a Delhi Police team raided multiple garment units in Seelampur area and rescued 20 children. The children were between 14 and 17 years of age.

SDM Seelampur Sharat Kumar told the media that BBA provided input regarding these units where children were being engaged as cheap labour, many of which were operating near the local police station. Following this, a core team was formed and a recce of the area was carried out in the area to zero in on the units.

Subsequently, the matter was discussed with the police and a rescue plan was chalked out. Of the 20 children who were rescued, 15 were trafficked from outside Delhi. They had been trafficked to Delhi with the false promise of being taken for sightseeing. Five garment factory owners have been arrested and their interrogation is on. Six of these units, which were engaged in making jackets and apparels, were also sealed.

Based on Child Welfare Committee recommendation, the rescued children have been sent to Mukti Ashram, BBA’s short-term rehabilitation centre in New Delhi.

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