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"Send us a postcard, and we will ensure punishment against employers of children"- the Chief Justice of India promises former bonded child labourers

November 14, 2008 Delhi- On the eve of Children's Day, Chief Justice of India, Honourable Justice Shri K. G Balakrishnan promised former child labourers rescued by BBA that the time would soon come when child labour and exploitation of children would be eliminated from society.  In a programme organized by the National Legal Service Authority (NLSA) with Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA), the Honourable Justice was joined by other eminent judges from the Supreme Court and the High Court.

Offside: Child Labour in Football Stitching

A case Study in Meerut District
New Delhi, 6 October 2008: Once again the global sports community stands shamed by the tainted stories of child labour in football stitching. In spite of famous FIFA agreement 1996, European Parliament resolution 2004, the incorporation of the clear codes of conducts and Indian Sporting Goods Industries Monitoring and government's tall claims against no child labour, thousands of children are still stitching footballs for the big brands.  

Children For Peace and Peace For Children – Stand up for the Tibetan child victims

New Delhi 11th April 2008 – For the First time 100s of children from India and Tibet joined hands on the street of the capital to demand protection for the rights of children in Tibet. Children from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc marched in the streets carrying the plank cards with the specific demands- "Peace for Children and Children for peace", "Ensure free and quality education for all children in Tibet", "Restore rights freedom dignity and education of Tibetan children".