BMG kids support School Chalen- Chalayen Abhiyan (Come to School programme)

A recurring social problem in Jharkhand is the high drop-out rate amongst school children. It has been observed in these parts that though most children do enroll in schools, but the drop-out rate due to poor educational facilities escalates. To tackle this, on April 8th, the Jharkhand government started the School Chalen- Chalayen Abhiyan (Come to School programme).

Campaign against child marriage- By children, For children

In a vital display of child participation, children in more than 100 villages in Jharkhand, are running a campaign against child marriage in their vicinities.

This effort has been started in BBA’s model villages called Bal-Mitra Grams or child-friendly villages (BMGs). A child-friendly village is an innovative programme devised by BBA to prevent all forms of abuse against children in a village, specially child labour and trafficking.


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