Ghazal Samrat Pankaj Udhas announced Goodwill ambassador for the Bachpan Bachao Andolan

On the eve of 23rd January 2005, Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) organized a world premier of the documentary “ROPES IN THEIR HANDS”…..weavers of childhood, in the India Habitat Center. The documentary endavour to unearth the morbid realities and trauma of the victims of trafficking and lift the veil off the circus industry to expose its sordid, ugly face away from the colourful facade, glamour and glitz we have witnessed till date. 
On this auspicious occasion, Shri Pankaj Udhas ghazal maestro was pronounced as BBA’s Goodwill Ambassador. It is a great inspiration for BBA to have the support and co-operation of shri Pankaj Udhas who would carry forward the torch of hope and light, spreading the message of creating a child friendly society, across the globe. His association will facilitate in strengthening the efforts of BBA and realizing its vision to eliminate child labour universally, where all children will be free from exploitation and enjoy the essence of childhood.